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This video explains the app, how to use it and its activities.
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Explore the app’s three islands : The island of digital and media uses, the island of news, the island of digital emotions. On each you will find activities to be carried out, in a complementary way, at school, at home and in the library ! The teacher’s support booklet for the app contains details of these activities, as well as the targeted skills.

Let’s consider the island of digital and media use, for example.


Exploration begins in class with Activity 1 “Media or not media”, where based on a selection of criteria, students learn to describe a form of media, and then a “digital” type of media.


At home

This work is continued at home with the activity “The media of yesterday and today”. In class, we learnt what media is. so now let’s discuss how it has changed ? This activity encourages in-depth discussion between (grand)parents and children: it’s a meeting of minds between the walkman generation and the digital tablet generation!

At the library

With the “MyVideo Puzzle” activity, we analyse videos found on online platforms, and the different elements of their composition! This activity on the app complements the “Exploring YouTube” activity from the Inspiration Booklet: “Teaching digital media literacy in libraries.

l'app en Ipad

The activities for each island are completed, providing continuity and a coherent approach between the three locations. .f you’re a teacher, in the app’s teacher’s booklet, you’ll find suggestions for applying these activities to the classroom. If you’re a parent, you can choose which island to explore with your child, depending on the topic that interests you. Finally, if you’re a librarian, in the inspiration booklet, you’ll find the island activities described in detail and put into context.

The MyAppEduc app is free and there are no ads. You can download it here for Android, and here for the Apple version.

3 App' Islands

Explore one of the three App’islands!

the island of information

Explore the island of information to understand the fundamentals of online research.

The island of digital use

On the island of digital use, step by step, you’ll create a digital use charter for school and home!