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The MyAppEduc experience for parents : what are the advantages, what does it involve? What is the benefit of working with the school or library? Is digital media literacy really accessible to everyone? it takes time, doesn’t it? Parents who have tested the app answer these questions in our video!

“The MyAppEduc app is visually appealing with soft colours. It’s easy to use, entertaining and fun! “

Parent, France (2021)
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Best practices


Go into this experience with an open mind. You may discover new activities that will lead to discussion and time spent bonding with your child.


Take the time to complete the digital activities suggested by the school with your child. Y ou can get into the habit of spending some special time together to bond and learn with MyAppEduc.


Spend time talking to your child about their experiences at school and communicate this to the school in order to establish a connection.


Be aware that by simply providing support and talking about the subject with your child, you are already teaching them media literacy.


Feel free to contact the partners (teachers or librarians) with any questions about equipment, the objective, or even, the time frame for activities. More generally, you can ask questions or share your thoughts with the partners.

Resources for parents

MyAppEduc flyers

Do you know any parents, teachers or librarians who might be willing to get involved with this experience? Show them this flyer summarising all the information! (Only available in French)

Best practices

An overview of best practices for implementing a MyAppEduc project at your library, with the help of teachers and families.

The co-education


“The relationship between the education partners is essential to help the child to grow and fully express themselves as a person. To develop collaborative education, you need to understand the benefits, progress step by step and build trust and respect. MyAppEduc opens us up to learning new skills.”

Teacher (France), 2021

The MyAppEduc project supports the implementation of collaborative education for digital media by trios of teachers, librarians and parents. But what does “co-education” mean? Why is it important ? What can it accomplish in terms of digital literacy?

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